Contact: Lisa Greene
St. Louis Park Sunrise
United States of America

District 5950 Polio Eradication Chair and member of the Chanhassan Rotary, Timothy Mulcrone, will speak with us about polio eradication.

Only three countries are still polio-endemic; wild virus still circulates in only one remaining reservoir, on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

The success of this work has come as the result of decades of concerted and sustained effort by Rotary and all of our partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Rotary’s involvement has been wide-ranging: we have raised over 1.9 billion dollars to date, and have contributed countless volunteer and staff hours to the practical work of eradication, including immunization, fundraising, and advocacy. Our success has been tremendous, and we are confident that our work will soon be complete.