According to Uganda's 2006 demographic and health survey, 39% of Uganda's poor women and girls ages 15 - 44 are victims of violence and sexual exploitation due to their lack of economic power and job opportunities.

The Dignity Restored Initiative Poultry Project is a humanitarian project designed to comprehensively impact the lives of young women living in a small village in Uganda who are trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty and prostitution. This project will empower the women living there with knowledge, skill and economic potential to be able to afford decent and sustainable livelihoods without engaging in acts of prostitution as a means of economic survival.

This project will build poultry houses that will be used by the women to raise their chickens. Women will be grouped into groups of seven who will own a poultry house and use it to carry out the enterprise. The women will raise chickens, collect and sell the eggs, then save and share the profits. In addition, they will work in their small groups to support each other through self-reflection, life goal setting and experience sharing for a better life socially, psychologically, spiritually and economically.

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